Migrants Now Chartering Luxury Yachts To Sneak Into Europe

People traffickers earning $35 billion a year thanks to Merkel’s Open Borders Policy.

Europe’s political establishment and the mainstream media keep on justifying the policy of open borders for the migrants as a compassionate response to a humanitarian crisis. The stubborn reality, however, continues to refute their false narrative.

Last month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel again defended her ‘Refugees Welcome’ policy by calling upon the Germans to “open [their] heart for those who are much worse off.” President Obama, too, during his term wanted the US to follow Europe’s example and open the borders to the ‘refugees’ whom he simply described as “widows and orphans.” While the media continues to toe the ideological party line, Germany alone has ended up with more a million fighting-age Arab and Muslim men since the crisis began in the autumn of 2015.

With migrant trafficking emerging as a multi-billion dollar business, smugglers are offering luxury packages to wealthy migrants hoping to get to Europe. Migrants on the other side of the Mediterranean can choose from an impressive line-up of speedboats and yachts to enter the European Welfare system in style.

German newspaper Die Welt reported the European law enforcement agency Europol’s investigation into yacht services for illegal migrants…


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