LONDON TUBE TERRORParsons Green terror attack suspect identified by cops using CCTV after bucket bomb IED exploded injuring 22

Fleeing commuters left with serious facial burns after a ‘fireball flew down the carriage’ of the packed train.

COPS have identified the Parsons Green terror suspect using CCTV after an IED attached to a timer exploded on a rush-hour Tube injuring 22, sources have said.

 Wires can been seen hanging out of bucket inside a carrier bag on a District Line trainWires can been seen hanging out of bucket inside a carrier bag on a District Line train

The homemade bucket bomb device sent a “fireball down a carriage” as it partially detonated with a schoolboy and pregnant woman among those injured in the terror explosion.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced “a manhunt is underway” as bomb squads and counter-terror cops swarmed on the scene.

He added: “The person or people responsible for this attack will be caught and will be brought for justice.”

 A woman injured in the blast is treated by paramedics as police say most of the injured suffered flash burnsPolice have revealed that the homemade bomb, likened to pressure cooker devices used in 2013’s Boston Marathon attack, did not fully detonate…

/Theresa May is being kept informed of developments after the fifth major terror attack on British soil in six months…

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