Orbán to Juncker: ‘Hungary not immigrant country’

In a letter to the European Commission president, Hungary’s prime minister has insisted that the commission president’s “interpretation of solidarity conforms neither to EU law nor the historical traditions of Hungary”.

Orbán to Juncker: ‘Hungary not immigrant country’“Unlike some other major EU member states, Hungary does not have a colonial past,” the PM said, adding that immigrant countries had obligations arising from their colonial past.

“Hungary is not an immigrant country and does not want to become one.”
In the letter released to MTI by Orbán’s press chief, Viktor Orbán wrote to Jean-Claude Juncker that he was pleased that the commission president, in his recent letter to Orbán, had recognised Hungary’s efforts to protect the European Union’s external border.

“Over the past two years, Hungary has been protecting the common borders by mobilising Hungarian resources, with a heavy budgetary burden, by building a fence and deploying thousands of border guards,” the letter said. “Hungary must always behave like a Schengen-border country, but for geographical reasons, migrants cross the borders of the EU of other EU member states, and this especially applies to Greece. It is for this reason that Hungary has not participated in projects that do not make this issue clear, and it does not want to do so in future either.”

He said Hungary could not accept being forced to change…

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