Clint Eastwood: “F**k them all, I’ll Never Apologize to Muslims About “American sniper” This is bull**it”. Do You Agree To Mr. Eastwood?

Clint Eastwood: “Fuck Muslims, I’ll Never Apologize to Them About “American sniper” This is bullshit”. Do You Agree To Mr. Eastwood?

Well, Zeepertje keeps on torturing his brains on what to apologize about…

Just cannot think of anything while paging through their cult scriptures, numerous things come to my mind on which they should apologize about… NUMEROUS!

Guess it will turn out to be an eternal witing…

Have a nice day!


Related to an earlier article;

POLL : Should Clint Eastwood Apologize To Muslims About ” American Sniper ” ?

According to the Conservative Tribune, an angry Muslim group (I thought they were ALL angry) wants both Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper to ‘speak out’ against the film they created, American Sniper.

Supposedly, Anti-Muslim comments that have been made by Americans in connection with it, says the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee- and it’s putting them in ‘danger’…

ADC takes these threats seriously … /wrote open letter to Eastwood and Cooper…

/“asking make statement against violent rhetoric/ cannot tolerate hate bigotry”…

Yea, well, I am asking you to not kill a bunch of Americans on 9/11. I am asking you not to have jihad training camps on American soil. I am asking you not behead people. Just saying. Maybe Obama tolerates your B.S., but I call it like I see it. Radical Islamic Terrorism

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