State senator calls for Trump to be assassinated, refuses to resign She shouldn’t have a choice…

A state senator who said she hoped Donald Trump is assassinated has refused to resign.

postthumbnailMaria Chapelle-Nadal, a Missouri lawmaker, posted on Facebook: “No. I will. I hope Trump is assassinated!”

She was angry at Trump’s remarks in the wake of the Charlottesville attack that saw a man drive a car into a group of anti-facists protesting the white supremacist rally, killing 1.

Chapelle-Nadal deleted her post and said she didn’t really mean it. Which makes everything fine, obviously. She also posted this: “I am not resigning. When (people of colour) are respected by this (White House) & they are willing to do real work, I’ll sit down with them. People are traumatised!”

She called for the assassination of the President of the United States and she is allowed to keep her job? It’s nothing less than inciting murder…

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