Why is society so afraid to identify grooming as an issue from the Islamic community

by Paul Cooper

I remember in the 1990s, when society sought to debate the inherent issues with child sexual abuse in the Catholic church. It was never assumed or insinuated that all members of the Catholic community were child abusers.

We did however, and quite rightly so, label the systemic abuse as Catholic abuse, as it was originating from this community. After all, how can you ever seek to address an issue if you’re not willing to acknowledge the issue exists in the first place. You need to identify it, and identify its fundamental characteristics and tenets. Only then can progress be made. I also don’t remember being called “Catholicophobic”, or “racist against Catholics” for wishing to discuss the issue.

When it comes to the present day, and abuse originating from elements of the Islamic community, British society is completely unwilling to facilitate honest and open discussion. But why is the entire British establishment unwilling to adequately distinguish the grooming epidemic as an issue originating from the Islamic community?

As you would expect in a white majority country, the overwhelming perpetrators of child sexual abuse in the UK are white British men. But the very specific issue of grooming is almost exclusively committed by male followers of the Islamic faith. In various communities where this has occurred, Muslim males only represent 2.5% – 5% of the population, yet they represent almost 100% of the perpetrators.

Grooming has very specific characteristics, that are distinct from what we would traditionally identify with child sexual abuse. For instance, scenarios whereby multiple members of the same family are involved in grooming and abusing a child. This is an incredibly unique characteristic, never seen before in Britain on this scale, and it specifically originates from the Islamic community.

A case from Rotherham is archetypal of this behaviour. For the perpetrators in this case, grooming and sexually and physically abusing a 13-year-old girl, was a family affair. The girl was passed around like a worthless piece of meat between brothers and cousins, to satisfy their own sordid desires...


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