Study: Islam, Not Climate Change or Poverty, Inspires Terror; Analysis reveals jihadis of varying backgrounds rooted in religious ideology, not factors floated by liberals

Liberal and globalist influencers in the West have attempted to attribute the spread of violent, radical Islam to everything from poverty to global warming, but a new study by an Islamic expert from the University of Vienna belies these persistent claims that Islamic terrorism is spurred primarily by factors outside the religion.

The 310-page study of nearly 30 violent Islamists by Islamic theologian Ednan Aslan…

/“This intensive examination of theological issues is a turning point in many of the respondents in their lives,” he said. Moreover, “persons with a higher theological knowledge function as authorities and play a central role in the spread of ideology.”

The results of the study have clearly come as a shock to Western liberals conditioned by years of multicultural propaganda…

/”The Left is tying itself in knots trying to excuse radical Islam while advancing its Marxist agendas elsewhere,”…

/”It is fairly evident from the Quranic verses often cited by Islamist leaders, as well as lectures freely available online, that there isn’t so much a ‘perversion‘ of Islam going on, as establishment leaders so often suggest, but rather, a literalist interpretation of what that book and the Hadiths openly state”

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