‘Drown in your own blood, you Jewish scum’: Gym owner receives vile death threats after he criticised the Islamic community

  • Melbourne man Avi Yemini received an online death threat on Sunday afternoon
  • The former IDF sharpshooter is outspoken on religion and extremism
  • He received a message from a man who wanted to ‘drown him in his own blood’
  • This is not the first death threat Mr Yemini has received after criticising Islam

Melbourne gym owner Avi Yemini (pictured) received a vile death threat over Facebook following his criticism of attacks overseas by Islamic militantsA Jewish gym owner in Melbourne has been met with vile death threats following his online criticism of the Islamic community.

Avi Yemini, a former sharpshooter for the Israeli Defence Forces, shared a video to Facebook on Saturday morning slamming attacks performed by Islamic militants in the Phillipines and Egypt, and claiming Ramadan is ‘the month of Jihad’.

On Sunday afternoon, he was sent a Facebook message by a Parramatta man who claimed he would ‘make sure you drown in your own blood your [sic] Jewish scum’.

‘Do you think your [sic] a mad c***. Talking about Islam like that,’ the message began.

‘Let’s meet up and have a chat about Islam. U [sic] think your [sic] some tuff [sic] guy aye well [we] will see how tough you are.

‘I promise u [sic] I’m gana [sic] see you round and when I do I’m gana [sic] make sure you drown in your own blood your [sic] Jewish scum’.

Mr Yemini says the message has proved a point he has long been trying to make about some Islamic people


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