Muslim-Only Prom Takes Hold In Detroit As Liberals Demand Sharia Safe Space

The Islamization of America continues. A Detroit school is facing accusations of racism and sexism after it agreed to host an all-girls Muslim prom.

Sharia law forbids women from dancing in front of strange men. The left, in their mania to promote “tolerance” at all costs, insisted that schools in the Muslim-heavy area bend over backward to create special safe spaces.

Muslim women are prohibited from dancing in front of men. A liberal school decided to host an all-girls prom in response.

Conservative Islam denies basic rights to women. Muhammad treats half of the population as though they’re chattel. Muslim girls are often barred from attending school dances because of their religion’s strict rules regarding the behavior and dress of young women.

The “Princess Prom” was created in 2012. Devout Muslim girls lobbied teachers for the opportunity. It’s understandable that the school wanted to appease its students, but endorsing segregation isn’t the way to go about it.

Muslim girls have to abide by so many rules regarding modesty that it’s difficult for them to participate in normal teen activities. A Muslim prom isn’t a sign of assimilation; it’s the opposite.

America’s already learned that separate but equal policies don’t work, that in fact, they’re nothing more than the rationale of rabid racists. So why is a school revisiting the practice in 2017? Excluding male students and non-Muslims is the definition of segregation.

Islam controls women’s dress and movement. “Modesty’ is considered a woman’s most valuable trait.

The Princess Prom is “an idea that has been floating around for a few years,” Janet Tabakovic, an English teacher who advised the Princess Project committee, told ABC News. “You would hear the girls say, ‘We should have a prom, we should have a prom, we should have a prom,’ but no one ever got together to do it. … This group of girls is very driven, and so they decided they really wanted it and they were going to do it.”

The girls are described as “very driven” but the only reason they desired to create an all-girls prom is because their religion denies them the freedom to go to the regular dance. They’re smart, capable young women yet they’re not trusted enough to be allowed to attend a chaperoned school function. Islam treats women like children…


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