Kim Jong-un Bombs South Korea White House In Shocking “News” Display Published In NK

North Korea fired on Sunday an unidentified projectile from a region near its west coast, South Korea’s military said, a development that was confirmed by U.S. officials.

Kim Jong-un has bombed South Korea and defeated America…at least in his own mind and in a few propaganda images created by the madman.

North Korea is one of the poorest nations on the face of the Earth (though the leadership lives like Old Testament kings), yet they have somehow conjured up the money to build mock Blue Houses and set them ablaze.

This is The Blue House being destroyed as a mock up is used to push NK’s war agenda. The new leader of SK is not even going to still live there, however

The Daily Star is reporting that “Images released by state-run media last year showed Kim’s special forces storming the building in a mock invasion.”

  • North Korea conducts mock raid on South Korea

Satellite intelligence show that the Hermit Kingdom has made a mock-up of “The Blue House” (think, “White House of South Korea,” called the “Cheong Wa Dae“) and obliterated it, as well. This will be believed by many North Korean’s as real or at least possible, both of which are total fabrications.

Moon Jae-in, the new leader of South Korea, knows that the warmongering North is a threat and that they are using this as a tool keep their citizenry on edge and ready for battle…


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