Detroit: Convert to Islam plotted jihad massacre in US for the Islamic State, had AK-47s and other weapons

American officials remain completely uninterested in the recurring phenomenon of converts to Islam falling into what those officials generally insist is a perversion of the true, peaceful Islam. Why do so many converts get the idea that their new religion calls for treason and mass murder? No one seems to care to find the answer to that question.

“Detroit terror suspect strikes deal in federal court,” by Robert Snell, Detroit News, March 30, 2017:

Detroit — A Detroit man accused of plotting jihad on behalf of the Islamic State accepted a plea deal with federal prosecutors Thursday and could spend up to five years in prison.

Sebastian Gregerson admitted he acquired a fragmentation grenade last summer from an undercover FBI employee, a crime because the grenade was an unregistered destructive device.

“I am guilty of that count,” Gregerson, 30, told U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow.

The charge is a 10-year felony, but Gregerson could spend…

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