France in “climate of near CIVIL WAR,” says angry French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon

France is seeing “a climate near civil war.”

Who said that?

President Trump?
A certain well known columnist and campaigner?

Well, in this case, it turns out it was the French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon; and to boot, the quote come from an article published in “The Local.”

You may recall, last week, that The Local was at pains to deny the existence of riots and no go zones in France.

This is what President Trump is trying to protect us from. This is the catastrophic consequence of the Muslim invasion of Europe.

At 2:45 min a skyscraper comes into view: Tour Bretagne (Brittany Tower in English) opened on November 18, 1976 is a 37-story skyscraper situated in downtown Nantes between a main thoroughfare, Cours des 50 Otages, and Place Bretagne (Brittany square). With a height of 144 meters (472 feet),[2] it dominates the skyline of the city of Nantes and is the third tallest building in France outside of Paris, after Tour Part-Dieu in Lyon and CMA CGM Tower in Marseilles.

France in ‘climate of near civil war’, says angry Fillon
AFP va, 28 February 2017

A protester in Nantes at the weekend. Photo: AFP

As attacks mount around the election, one presidential front runner said France is seeing “a climate near civil war”.

Journalists accused of bias. Judges said to be taking orders from the president. The country in a state of “near civil war.”

This isn’t America’s bitter presidential election campaign last year, but France’s in 2017.

The latest comments from conservative Francois Fillon, who has accused the Socialist government of failing to protect candidates, underline the increasingly ugly tone of France’s campaign.

Clashes in the western city of Nantes at the weekend during a demonstration against far-right leader Marine Le Pen and attacks on buses transporting her supporters were “unacceptable,” he said on Monday…


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