North Korea Used Deadly VX Nerve Agent In Airport Chemical Weapons Hit

It has now been determined that VX nerve agent was the toxic substance used to murder the half-brother of North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-nam inside busy Kuala Lumpur Airport. That would indicate the perpetrator was a state, a terrorist state. The only terrorist state known to have any connection to the deceased Kin Jong-nam is that of his brother, North Korea.

According to Jeffrey Lewis, an expert on WMD, VX nerve agent shuts down the enzyme that regulates the nervous system, causing the victim’s nervous system to “go crazy.” He said that’s why convulsions are common, with death occurring when its victims, “just stop breathing.”

The report quotes police as saying the two women who touched the Kim Jong-nam had a toxic substance on their bare hands and must have been inoculated or otherwise protected from succumbing to the toxins themselves.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg states…


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