Alternatieve Social Media (zonder censuur)

Censorship, how we all HATE it, being demonized or completely shut down. BUT there is hope, a lot of alternatives are on the rise.

The big companies censor everything mainly on the right spectrum because it doesn’t fit their agenda. Like two of the most evil companies Google and Facebook. On this page you will find some informational video’s on the given alternatives. It will be a matter of time before everyone will realise that we all have to leave (and therefore boycot) the manipulating companies and continue truly fere speech on other different open platforms withhout tracking us.

As you will see there are a lot of alternatives, just a short overview;

  • As an alternative for Youtube which is owned by Google, there’s, Bitchute, PewTube or Minds to store your video’s.
  • As for internet browsing, instead of using Google or Safari/Chrome  which is owned by Google, you can use DuckDuckGo or Qwant. They proclaim not to track down or store anything you keyed in.
  • A lot of people don’t know, but WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook has an even better (asian) alternative called Line.
  • A lot of gamers use Discord or Twitch for sharing stuff as a sort of social media platform but it enables you to have (group) conversations as well, Skype-like. However, recently I saw a message on Minds which made me think again… If you really stand for free speech you should allow and defend ALL speech, even if you disagree (As famous Voltaire once stated) Displayed here –>
  • And of course concerning social media platforms of which Facebook is real nazism for blocking people or their content there’s a real good alternative with the some look and feel called 02-02-2018: SeenLife blocked my complete profile and group, so they suck as well, SEE link and screenshots further down…) Twitter, another king on censorship on the right spectrum, can very easily be replaced by a number of options like which exists since october 2016 and is still fully developped. I see a lot of users having already made the switch from Twitter to Gab. (Here’s a free dutch manual on GAB) But another platform comes along on which you are free to say whatever you want and that’s named, an easy to use interface and so far as I’ve noticed, no censorship on postings, however, I had some “boosts” not getting thru… as I will show you in the pic below.

Eventhough later on, after complaining, I still got it trough on boosting!

Here’s the proof that Seen.Life sucks as well concerning free speech. I will check the (Russian?) VK.COM soon because I heard positive sounds about it…)
So, above displayed the profile with the group I had. Below the review which was the trigger to shut me down on Seen.Life completely. You can read the review by clicking the link mentioned above. (Click pics to enlarge)

How about REDDIT? Well, check next, another #BAN for @Zeepertje

And FB (Fascistbook) does not even bother anymore giving any reason or content which violated “their” rules and policy, march 2018 just another #BAN with only next one way communication;

In other words…

Sick and tired to my back teeth of this FB nazism!

Ok, here’s some video material below the next photos. Check it out for yourself. LEAVE the EVIL companies that want you only to fit and talk their agenda.
👉Social Media;

SEEN.LIFE is NOT (02-02-2018) the real Facebook alternative for truly FREE SPEECH…
GAB.AI is the real Twitter alternative for truly FREE SPEECH…

👉VIDEOS about GAB, MINDS and BitChute…

A 5 minute movie promoting SEEN.LIFE (02-02-2018; forget about free speech on SeenLife)👇

Check out another 12 minute movie about SEEN.LIFE (sucks!) and GAB.AI (I’m still very pleased with GAB)👇

Good luck making the right choices, I use a lot of platforms and therefore I’ve had lots of troubles, I use them all together so it’s easy moving “around” while still extending… (02-02-2018; dropped SeenLife!)
👉CENSORSHIP on Social Media…

De-Google-ify Yourself👇

Videos on Censorship –👇