Shot Swedish and blamed for “racism” – now he is released by the court of law

CREATE & CORRECT. The 21-year-old African was sentenced to 1 year and 9 months in prison after colliding with a masked mask with a masked friend and shooting the host with a shotgun. But now he is released from the crime of the court of law.

 Free Times has previously written about the attack on the private crayfish plate, which was held in a villa area in Gävle in early September.

While the party was in the garden of a villa suddenly four masked Africans armed, armed with hockey clubs, up and began to mess with the guests. They demanded to know who owned a car that was parked at the villa.

The 21-year-old, who came from Eritrea, began to scream that the Swedes were “racists” and then pulled a revolver, which later proved to be a starting gun, which he threatened them. The values ​​for the cancer plate acted flashlessly and tried to disarm the African, which ended with being shot in the leg.

 “Everybody is racists!” 
He looked crazy at me. I have to protect myself. Everybody is racists! said 21-year-old about the shooting in interrogation with the police.

In October, the Gävle District Court convicted the eritrean of a year and nine months in prison for gross abuse, crimes of violence and crimes against the knife team. According to the judgment, the document showed that he has “a dangerous personality and lacks empathy”…


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