EU chief Juncker’s speech: “We need more immigration and more EU”. Nigel Farage responds: “You have learned nothing”

On 13 September, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (unelected) held his State of the Union Address for 2017. It opens with Juncker asserting that after the crisis in 2016, the European Union has had a year in which it turned the situation around

/Under the heading ‘Staying the course’, Juncker claims that the EU cannot let itself be “blown off course.”…

  • Watch Juncker’s State of the Union address

/So what does that mean, “migration will stay on our radar“? Well, the EU wants more of it. Juncker states, without proof and counter-intuitively, that

Irregular migration will only stop if there is a real alternative to perilous journeys. We are close to having resettled 22,000 refugees from Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon and I support UN High Commissioner Grandi’s call to resettle a further 40,000 refugees from Libya and the surrounding countries.

At the same time, legal migration is a necessity for Europe as an ageing continent. This is why the Commission made proposals to make it easier for skilled migrants to reach Europe with a Blue Card. I would like to thank the Parliament for your support and I call for an ambitious and swift agreement on this important issue.

Note the deliberate mixing of refugees with migration…

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