Hungary: EU Forcing Countries to Take Migrants is ‘Political Rape’

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has vowed “the real battle is only just beginning”, as the Court of Justice of the European Union demands that Budapest allow Brussels to settle migrants in Central Europe.

Szijjártó made his comments in response to the EU court throwing out a joint challenge by Hungary and Slovakia to a European Commission scheme to forcibly redistribute some 120,000 migrants based in the EU border countries.

The so-called migrant quotas were opposed by Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Romania, and later repudiated by Poland — but rammed through via the controversial Qualified Majority Voting system.

“The decision was not a legal or professional one but a political one,” Szijjártó railed, declaring that EU politics had “raped European law and European values”.

“The European Commission supports one thing: illegal immigration, but not border protection and defence,” Szijjártó continued, in a blistering attack against the EU’s unelected quasi-government, which acts as both executive and as sole initiator of EU-wide legislation…

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