Merkel Tells EU Nations: ‘You Must Take 40k More Asylum Seekers’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (pictured above) has backed United Nations plans to admit a further 40,000 asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa into the EU and is reported in Focus as saying ‘that’s a figure that A European Union with 500 million inhabitants can easily cope with’.

She said that each EU country needed to take its ‘fair share’ and that Germany was leading the way.

Echoing her “wir schaffen das” [“we can do this”] mantra from the beginning of the migrant crisis, where the German premier suspended the Dublin Convention and invited an unlimited number of migrants to northern Europe, she told UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi that Germany was “ready to take its share”.

The UN high commissioner disclosed the plans in Berlin on Friday which would see the expansion of a two-year scheme for resettling 22,000 Syrian asylum seekers (currently in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan) nearly double to 40,000 relocated annually from 2018…

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