ISIS having a good talk about the “Manchester accident”

Allahu Akbar are the last words in this video but never forget…

Islam means peace! You silly fucking fools in the West. This is just the beginning. Jihad is obligatory for every muslim and ever lasting untill the day of judgement. All infidels must be killed until the only religion is for Allah.

How long will the idiots of our governments keep looking away? A L L A H U – A K B A R and keep whining.

  • ISIS Claims Responsibility For The Terror Attack In Manchester

Also published on

Within two hours, YOUTUBE deleted this video. Yes, censorship all over the fucking internet. But, thanks to Lisa Henegauwen, it’s still there (and here)

Listen to what this weirdo says; “Thank you for coming and having a good time tonight” W T F

  • Trying To Leave Ariana Grande Manchester Concert After Explosions


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