Bible Test Denies Christians As Sweden Blocks Refugees Fleeing Religious Persecution

The refugee crisis has become a worldwide problem with asylum seekers flocking in from all over.

Sweden, which has grown weary of the migrant crisis, created a new way to screen applicants claiming religious persecution—a Bible test.

Religious asylum seekers are told to study their Bibles in preparation for the religious part of their interview.

Applicants who claim to be Christian converts must answer a series of questions regarding their purported faith. However, the test has created controversy for a number of reasons.

First of all, the questions themselves reveal the Migrant Board’s ignorance of Christianity. Some questions include, how many “parts” are in the New Testament. (Do they mean books?). It also asks about the difference between the “Orthodox” (Catholic?) and Protestant churches, and “Can you tell us about the Letter to the Romans?”

The test has been criticized by both lawyers and church leaders.

It focuses on Sunday school Bible trivia knowledge rather than a person’s faith. Much of what they are asking are only things that would have been learned if they had approached Christianity in an academic setting. If they are Christian converts in a persecuted country, how much academic opportunity would have been made available?

For example, this author could name the number of books (not parts) in the New Testament off the cuff. (There are 27). But, only after being schooled in a Christian university which required an entire course in just the New Testament.

Further, most active American evangelicals don’t know enough about Catholicism to…


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