This makes you LAUGH: Fatwa issued by women clerics, that’ll do

Muslim Women Join In World’s Largest Gathering, Denouncing Islamic Practice To Send Bold Message.

Female Muslim clerics in Indonesia gathered Thursday to denounce male violence and assert the rights of women. The historic event saw the devout women wielding their influence to issue fatwas prohibiting child marriage and marital rape. About 300 women attended.

Indonesians often face crippling family pressure from an early age. Indonesians, particularly women, tend to marry young; about a quarter of girls marry before they turn 18.

Becoming a child bride is extremely detrimental to a young girl’s health. She often quits her schooling and focuses solely on her baby and husband. She loses the opportunity to choose what she wants to do in life. Often she’s married to a much older man…

Powerful female clerics in Indonesia issued fatwas on Thursday that are intended to improve the lives of women.


You might want to read the whole post but it has a remarkable last two sentences:
Fatwas, while influential, are not legally binding,
it’s questionable if most Muslims are prepared to be advised by a group of women.

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