How the American media covers [up] Islamic practice of female genital mutilation (FGM)

Female genital mutilation is an Islamic ritual rampant in the Muslim world.

With the increase of Muslim immigration into the United States, so, too, have clitordectomies increased. There have been at least 500,000 girls in U.S. who have undergone genital mutilation, or are at risk of having it done.

The enemedia always goes out of its way to censor such stories or they scrub Islam from any connection with this misogynistic Islamic practice. Dissemblers and deceivers claim that FGM is a cultural phenomenon, not religious. FGM is an Islamic cultural phenomenon. FGM is found only within and adjacent to Muslim communities (source: Gerry Mackie, “Ending Footbinding and Infibulation: A Convention Account,” American Sociological Review).

Now that no less than three Muslim doctors have been arrested in Michigan for performing female genital mutilations, the media is rushing to scrub Islam from this Islamic story. Nowhere is Islam mentioned in this article, but the Detroit Free Press, a notoriously pro-Islamic newspaper near Dearborn, runs this completely random and misleading piece of misinformation:

A. Renee Bergstrom, 72, of Minnesota, said a fundamentalist, Christian doctor mutilated her genitals in 1947 to prevent her from masturbating when she grew up.


They had to go all the way back to 1947 to find this freak account. “Christian doctor.” But nowhere in this article does the writer Tresa Baldas ever mention the millions of Muslim clit cutters. These people are evil.

Over 96% of the girls in Egypt, the largest Muslim country in the Middle East, have been cut.

Genital mutilation victims break their silence: ‘This is demonic’

By Tresa Baldas, Detroit Free Press, April 23, 2017:

Millions of little girls and young women have been subjected to a painful rite of passage that involves cutting their genitals — often without anesthesia — for centuries in parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

CDC says at least 500,000 females in U.S. have undergone genital mutilation, or are at risk of having it done.

Mariya Taher was 7 years old,  vacationing in India with her family, when one day her mother took her to a run-down apartment building without explaining why.

She remembers climbing some stairs, opening a door and seeing older women in a room. There was laughter, and the place seemed cheerful.

But then came the betrayal.

The child ended up on the floor. Her dress was lifted up.

“I remember something sharp down there and then I remember crying,” Taher, now 34, recalls. “I remember my mom comforting me afterward and holding me in her lap.”…

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