‘We have enough for an ARMY’ Anti-migrant boat sets sail for Med to ‘defend Europe’

BATTLE lines have been drawn – a red ring around the coast of Italy – and a small ‘army’ has been assembled by far-right activists who claim they will “defend Europe” from migrants.

Mediterranean refugee crisis: Right wing set sail Generation Identitaire’ activists working for the Defend Europe movement are heading for the Mediterranean waters outside Libya where search and rescue missions (SAR) are preventing mass drownings from packed-out dinghies and wooden boats.

Lifeguards are bringing thousands to the EU once they are pulled from the perilous waters – but the sheer numbers are sparking a new backlash from young right-wing groups.

The charities and NGOs are rescuing men, women and children desperate to flee war-torn Libya, but a crew on an anti-migrant boat called ‘C-Star’ refuse to accept their stories of rape, abuse and torture.

Martin Sellner, a founder of the Austrian branch of the Identitarian movement has claimed the NGOs are “luring people into the sea”.

Now, they say they will put an end to daily drop-offs in Sicily.

Alt-right Canadian political activist Lauren Southern

Also published on Fenixx.org

  • 1. Interview von C-Star – M. Sellner – Deutsche Übersetzung – Defend Europe Identitäre Bewegung

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