Paul Joseph Watson, YouTube personality, editor of

Paul Joseph Watson (born in Sheffield), also known as PJW, is a YouTube personality and radio host based in London, England. He is the editor of and a contributor to Infowars’ talk radio program The Alex Jones Show, where he occasionally either hosts or co-hosts instead of or with Alex Jones.

Watson has been called one of the “right-wing commentators of the digital age”. He has previously described himself as a libertarian, and supported Ron Paul in the 2012 U.S. presidential election. In a 2016 tweet, he said he no longer considered himself a libertarian because Gary Johnson “made the term an embarrassment.” In a post to Facebook in November 2016, Watson described himself as being a member of the “New Right,” which he considers to be distinct from the alt-right.

Watson has also referred to himself as a conservative, and he considers modern day conservatism to be a counter-cultural movement. Watson, while criticising Islam in the context of terrorism, has been accused of inciting hatred against Muslims. In a YouTube video, he described Islam as “an intolerant, radical, extremist belief system”, and stated that rape “is the culture of Islam”.


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