Islamic State🏴 threatens Egyptian Christians with “a river of blood”

The Islamic State🏴 “has warned Christians living in Egypt that they will pay for their faith with ‘a river of blood.’” It is appalling that while Christians continue to be persecuted by jihadists, far too many Westerners are concerned instead about the victimization of Muslims in the West, which is bogus.

God gave orders to kill every infidel,” one of the militants carrying an AK-47 rifle said.

Jews and blacks remain the groups most targeted for hate crimes. The victimhood narrative is really a clever way to foist Islamic blasphemy laws on the West through the “Islamophobia” canard. All the while, Christians and other minority groups suffer.

Last Friday, hundreds of Muslim demonstrators attacked a Christian church south of Cairo, wounding three people in the latest assault on members of the country’s Christian minority.

“Report: Egyptian Christians Forced to Flee from Islamic State ‘River of Blood’”, by Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart, December 27, 2017:

Egyptian Christians, who celebrate Christmas on January 6, the feast of the Epiphany, are “bracing themselves for another onslaught in the festive period,” according to a new report.

At least 115 Coptic Christians have been killed in Egypt by Islamic State militants this year, and the Islamic State (ISIS) has warned Christians living in Egypt that they will pay for their faith with “a river of blood,” according to the report by Bel Trew, writing for the Times…

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